Leaf nutrient contents in yellow passionfruit in response to nitrogen fertilization, irrigation and sampling time

Almy Junior Cordeiro de Carvalho Pedro Henrique Monnerat Donivaldo Pedro Martins Salassier Bernardo José Accácio da Silva About the authors

Crop diagnosis with knowledge of leaf nutrient contents, for each cultivation condition, is justified and has the purpose of correcting nutrient deficiencies, as well as the use of tools like DRIS (Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated System), that help management practices to obtain high productivity. The objective of this work was evaluate the effect of nitrogen fertilization, irrigation and period of the year on the leaf nutrient contents of the yellow passionfruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa) crop. The experiment was carried in the Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, on a Rhodic Paleudult, ammended with four nitrogen levels (50 to 650 g plant-1 year-1 of N) submitted to six irrigation depths (0 to 125% of ETo - reference crop evapotranspiration for grass). The nutrient leaf contents, at maximum fruit yield (41.3 t ha-1), ranged from 40.8 to 58.1 g kg-1 of N, 2.58 to 3.85 g kg-1 of P, 23.2 to 38 g kg-1 of K, 6.13 to 14.4 g kg-1 of Ca, 2.23 to 4.28 g kg-1 of Mg and 3.2 to 4.64 g kg-1 of S, 13.1 to 32.4 g kg-1 of Cl, 21.1 to 36.5 mg kg-1 of Zn, 44.4 to 94.5 mg kg-1 of Mn, 82 to 246 mg kg-1 of Fe, 16.8 to 48.9 mg kg-1 of B, 3.97 to 234 mg kg-1 of Cu. Nitrogen fertilization influenced leaf contents of N, K, S, Ca, Mg, Mn, Cl and B. Irrigation depth increased the leaf contents of Cl and Na and did not affect the other leaf nutrients.

Passiflora; fertilization; passionfruit; nitrogen; leaf nutrient

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