Relationship between seed technology research and federal plant breeding programs

Relações entre a pesquisa em tecnologia de sementes e os programas de melhoramentos de plantas em instituições oficiais

F. C. Krzyzanowski About the author

This paper deals with the contributions seed technology can provide for soybean breeding programs for seed quality. Efforts can be placed on seed quality assurance (DIACOM) to assist the production system, from genetic up to certified seed in releasing a product of high quality. Another approach is the development of screening methods, based on seed technology tests (vigor tests), for selecting genotypes according to different traits relating to seed quality. An understanding of seed quality mechanisms, such as seed-coat properties, pod-wall permeability, seed and pod resistance to fungi infection , seed shriveling and cell wall permeability, will help to define the screening procedures for this characteristic. It has been one of the most important contributions that seed technology can provide for the improvement of crops grown in tropical and subtropical environments.

seed; soyabean; plant breeding

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