Principles of crop modelling and simulation: II. the implications of the objective in model development

Princípios de modelagem e simulação: II. a implicação do objetivo de desenvolvimento de modelos

D. Dourado-Neto D.A. Teruel K. Reichardt D.R. Nielsen J. A. Frizzone O.O.S. Bacchi About the authors

With the purpose of presenting to scientists the implications of the objective in model development and a basic vision of modeling, with its potential applications and limitations in agriculture, an integration of crop modeling professionals with agricultural professionals is suggested. Models mean modernization of the information, of the measurement process and of an efficient way to learn more about complex systems. They are one of the best mechanisms of transforming information in useful knowledge and of transferring this knowledge to others. One of the problems that impede a larger progress in modeling is the lack of communication between modelers and a frequent appearance of modelers without a global vision of reality.

crop modeling; simulation

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