Comparison among several media for the rooting of croton (Codiaeum variegatum L.) cuttings

M.A.A. Tillmann C. Cavariani Z. Piana K. Minami About the authors

To determine the best medium for rooting of crotón (Codiaeum variegatum L.) cuttings, the media: sand, medium grade vermiculite, sand x vermiculite (75% x 25%); (50% x 50%); (25% x 75%), phenolic foam and soil were used. The experiment was conducted in a mist chamber in a randomized block design with four replicátions of twenty cuttings each. The physical properties of the media were determined and the following evaluations made: rooted cutting percentage, shooted cutting percentage, number of roots per cutting, lenght of the longest root, and weight of root dry matter. The results show that the medium grade vermiculite medium is the most suitable for the rooting of crotón cuttings although the others may also be used, except soil and sand which presented the poorest performances.

croton; Codiaeum variegatum; media; cuttings; rooting

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