Adaptation of the continuous drying method for rice seeds

To evaluate the effects of the adaptation of the continuous drying method on seed quality during storage, four portions of rice seeds of 2500 kg each, were dried, in a continuous flow dryer KW-2 Kepler Weber, using different temperatures in the upper and lower drying chambers: 60/40ºC; 60/50ºC; 70/50º C; 70/60ºC. As control, four samples were submitted to stationary drying in oven at 32ºC. Seed quality was evaluated through moisture content, germination, accelerated aging and field emergence tests, at the 0, 60, 120 and 180 days of storage, at room temperature. The industrial processing components were determined in the first evaluation. Rice seed lots with high percentage of broken grains can present high physiological quality. Maximum air temperatures of 60ºC and 50ºC at the upper and lower chambers could be used in continuous drying of rice seeds. The adapted continuous drying decreases the percentage of intact grains of rice.

Oryza sativa; drying; seed; quality; storage

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