Methods to evaluate physiological quality of rice seeds

N.L. de Menezes T.L.D. da Silveira About the authors

Aiming to evaluate the efficiency of different methods to determine the physiological quality of rice seeds, two groups of 10 lots each of the varieties BR-IRGA 409 and BR-IRGA 410 were used. Seed quality was determined through seed water content, weight of 1,000 seeds, germination and vigor tests: first germination counting, classification of seedling vigor, accelerated aging, modified cold test, seedling growth and weight and field emergence. It was concluded that the modified cold test and classification of seedling vigor are capable of stratifying different rice samples according to their vigor and are positively correlated with field emergence. The accelerated aging, under 42'C and 100% relative humidity of air conditions stratifies the samples in relation to seed vigor. The tests of seedling growth and weight, when eliminating abnormal seedlings and non-germinated seeds, are not capable of stratifying rice seed samples as a function of seed vigor.

Oriza sativa; germination; vigor tests

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