Trap attributes influencing capture of Diabrotica speciosa (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) on common bean fields

Atributos da armadilha influenciam captura de Diabrotica speciosa (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) em feijoeiro

Maurício Ursi Ventura Claudio Cezar Mariano Resta Daiane Heloísa Nunes Fabio Fujimoto About the authors

Refinements in trap characteristics may improve ability to monitor and mass-trap beetles. Field assays were conducted in common bean fields to assess responses of Diabrotica speciosa (Germar) to some trap characteristics. Golden yellow plastic cups (750 mL) traps caught more D. speciosa females and males than did clear traps. Carrot slices in Petri dishes baited with Lagenaria vulagaris L. powder (cucurbitacin source - 0.28%) caught more beetles than did dishes with carrot alone. Dispensers for the floral volatile attractant 1,4-dimethoxybenze were also compared. Rubber septa dispenser attracted more beetles than did control (dental wicks saturated with acetone). Captures on dental wick, starch matrix and feminine pad dispensers were intermediate and did not differ from those on rubber septa and unbaited controls. Perforated bottle traps (2000 mL), when baited with the floral attractant, caught more beetles than did window bottle traps (both traps contained L. vulgaris powder) in most assessments done from two to ten days after trap placement in the field. Traps with the insecticide carbaryl captured more beetles than did traps without it, 2-4 and 8-10 days after trap placement in the field, but not in the remaining periods (0-2, 4-6 and 6-8 days). Traps baited with 1,4-dimethoxybenzene captured more beetles than did the unbaited ones in all assessments (each other day from two to ten days after trap placement in the field). Finally, similar amounts of beetles were captured using plastic bottle traps (2000 mL): perforated, window (both with cucurbitacin) and sticky (without cucurbitacin) traps, when were baited with the floral attractant.

attractant; feeding stimulant; semiochemical; integrated pest management

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