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Control of citrus rust mite (Phyllocoptruta oleivora Ashm., 1879) by a juvenoid and other pesticides

In order to control the citrus rust mite on orange-trees a field experiment was carried out in Limeira, State of São Paulo, Brazil, an important citrus producing area. Treatments correspondend to a single application on 01/10/89 of: A) check; B) juvenoid flucycloxuron, 40 cm³; C) bromopropilate 65 cm³; D) quinomethionate + sulphur 200 cm³; E) quinomethionate + sulphur 250 cm³; F) fonnetanate 22,5 g; G) formetanate 31,5 g. The quantities are of commercial formulations in 100 liters of water. Each tree received 10 liters of the mixtures. Avaliations were made before spraying and 6, 20, 36, 50 and 68 days after the application. The most effective results in the last three avaliations were obtained with treatments F, G and C. Treatments D and E were effective only for 6 and 20 days and the juvenoid for 20, 36 and 50 days after spraying.

citrus rust mite; Phyllocoptrufa oleivora; citrus; juvenoid

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