Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities in native and in replanted Araucaria forest

Comunidades de fungos micorrízicos arbusculares em floresta nativa e replantada de Araucária

Milene Moreira Dilmar Baretta Siu Mui Tsai Elke Jurandy Bran Nogueira Cardoso About the authors

Araucaria angustifolia is an important Brazilian conifer, but it is endangered of extinction due to excessive logging. The objective of the present case study was to survey data on the diversity of AMF in Araucaria angustifolia forests, and to learn whether it is possible to discriminate between the AMF communities associated with natural, introduced, and impacted-by-anthropogenic-action ecosystems. Three ecosystems representative of the Campos do Jordão (São Paulo State, Brazil) region were selected, as follows: (i) a native climax forest, with predominance of Araucaria trees, without anthropogenic interference (NF), (ii) Araucaria forest introduced in 1959 (RE), and (iii) Araucaria forest introduced in 1958, submitted to accidental fire in July 2001 (RF). Sampling of rhizosphere soil was performed at a 0-20 cm depth around each Araucaria tree, and 2 m from the trunk, in the months of May and October, 2002. AMF spores were separated from the soil, counted, and taxonomically identified, while the roots were evaluated for mycorrhizal colonization. The ecological indices R (Richness), Is (Simpson's dominance index) and H (Shannon's diversity index) were calculated. All the data were submitted to univariate (two-way ANOVA) and correspondence analysis (CA). Considering both samplings and the three areas, twenty-six AMF species were found, distributed among five genera, Acaulospora and Glomus being the most frequent ones. There were no differences among the three areas for R, Is, and H. CA demonstrated that there is a spatial separation among the three areas, and the AMF that preferentially associated with each area.

AMF; Brazil Pine; diversity; spore density; accidental fire

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