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Influence of different calcium levels in estilo plants (Stylosanthes guyanensis (Aubl.) Sw. cv. Cook), evaluated through some physiological parameters

This paper reports a greenhouse study on the influence of different levels of calcium on the development of Stylosanthes guyanensis (Aubl.) Sw. cv. Cook plants, through physiological parameters related to plant growth. Four treatments were used: T1 (200 mg of calcium per litre); T2 (133.33 mg of calcium per litre); T3 (66.66 mg of calcium per litre) and T4 (without calcium). The experiment was carried out in hydroponic culture whith Hoagland & Arnon n° 1 solution. Observations were made in five intervals: interval I (between the 24th. and 38th. days after germination); interval II (between the 38th. and 52th. days after germination); interval III (between the 52th. and 66th. days after germination); and interval IV (between the 66th. and 80th. days after germination). The parameters studied were: a. net assimilation rate (NAR); b. relative growth rate (RGR); and c. alfa rate (alfa R). It could be concluded that solutions with 200 and 133.33 mg of calcium per litre were more effective to improve the development of estilo plants.

estilo plants; growth analysis; calcium; mineral nutrition

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