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Langmuir and freundlich isotherms to describe boron adsorption in highly weathered soils


The objective of this study was to evaluate Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms applied to boron adsorption in highly weathered Brazilian soils. Surface (0-0.2 m) and subsurface (B horizon) samples were taken from a Rhodic Hapludox (Dusky red latosol = LR); Typic Hapludox (Dark-red latosol = LE), and one Arenic Paleudalf (Red-yellow podzolic _ PV). In order to quantify the adsorbed boron, 4 g of oven-dried soil were stired in polyethylene tubes, for 24 h, with 20 mL of a CaCl2 (0.01 mol.L-1) solution containing different quantities of boron (0, 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 <FONT FACE="Symbol">m</font>g.mL-1). Langmuir and Freundlich constants were estimated by nonlinear regressions. Boron adsorption was well described by both Langmuir and Freundlich models over the studied range of boron concentrations (0 to 16 <FONT FACE="Symbol">m</font>g.mL-1) for all three soils. Adsorption maximum decreased from the LR samples (around 14 <FONT FACE="Symbol">m</font>g.g-1) to the PV subsurface sample (7 <FONT FACE="Symbol">m</font>g.g-1) and then to the surface PV horizon and LE samples (less than 6 <FONT FACE="Symbol">m</font>g.g-1). The Langmuir model exhibited lower sum of deviations in relation to the PV and the LE. The opposite occurred for the LR, where the sum of deviations was high for the Freundlich model.

Langmuir; Freundlich; boron; adsorption; Langmuir; Freundlich

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