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Estimation of the maximum water volume for chemical product application on corn leaves

Maria del Valle Basanta Durval Dourado-Neto Axel García y García About the authors

With the objective of estimating the volume of water retained by corn leaves per unit area (ha) for chemigation purposes, a simple model is proposed. A field experiment was carried out to obtain the water interception on the aerial corn plant parts under a center pivot irrigation system. Three plant populations were used to obtain different designs, the measurements having been performed at three phenological stages: i) 4-5 leaves; ii) 8 leaves and iii) 14 leaves. The water mass retained by the corn leaves was obtained considering the total plant mass (measured after irrigation), the plant dry weight and the plant constitution water mass. Treatments were arranged in a split-plot design, with four replications. Main plot treatment was plant population and subplot treatment was sampling date. Total plant leaf area was evaluated for each sampling period. Phenology and the relative crop development were evaluated periodically. Results indicate that the proposed model can be used for this estimate.

Zea mays; chemigation; irrigation; crop modeling

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