An annotated list of ornamentals naturally found infected by Brevipalpus mite-transmitted viruses

Lista comentada de plantas ornamentais naturalmente infectadas por vírus transmitidos por ácaros Brevipalpus

The first cases of ornamental plants found infected by Brevipalpus transmitted viruses (BTV) were described in the 1990's from the region of Piracicaba, State of São Paulo, Brazil; subsequent cases were from other regions in the country and other American countries. Currently, 37 ornamental plant species (for the sake of simplicity, orchids being considered as a single species), belonging to 18 families of dicotyledons, have been reported hosting BTV. Because of the non systemic type of infection of these viruses, the localized diseases they cause are unimportant usually, but they have the potential to cause economic losses if severe outbreaks of Brevipalpus mite populations occur. Some ornamentals may serve as reservoirs to BTV known to cause serious damage to food crops as Citrus leprosis virus- cytoplasmic type (CiLV-C), passion fruit green spot virus (PFGSV) and Coffee ringspot virus (CoRSV).

Acari; Tenuipalpidae; ornamental industry

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