Workers education and research in the construction of the solidarity action movement for the struggle for health: the case of the Brazilian Association of the Exposed to Asbestos (ABREA/RJ)

In this article we analyze the movement of a solidarity action group named Brazilian Association of the Exposed to Asbestos of Rio de Janeiro (ABREA/RJ). We focused on the workers' discourse and point of view about this movement, based on the perspective of qualitative studies and participatory investigation. Making use of the methodology of popular education, we have held group meetings based on the collaboration between workers and researchers, which turned out to be a good pedagogical strategy that helped in the reconstruction of solidarity bonds and health promotion. We have developed the argument that the health education practices related to the working world demand socialization of information and of scientific knowledge, together with an integrated political action that enables transformations in favor of a full citizenship in the work context. In order to make this happen we also advocate the indispensable presence of some elements, like participation, dialogue, solidarity and alliance between workers and researchers. Finally, we emphasize the importance of the national and international supporting nets to workers in order to strengthen the movement to proscribe asbestos, as well as the fact that the work itself can be a valuable element that triggers the organization of the struggle for health.

Workers' Health; Asbestos; Struggle for Health; Solidarity Action Groups; Health Education

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