Life projects of young adults with HIV acquired by vertical transmission: an exploratory study with patients of an infectious diseases' outpatients department

Lédice Lino de Oliveira Marinella Della Negra Maria Cezira Fantini Nogueira-Martins About the authors

This research had the intention to understand the life projects of young adults living with HIV/Aids infected through vertical transmission: how they deal with studies, work and with building a family. Another objective was to know their experiences regarding health assistance received. The research method was: socio-demographic questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. Sixteen interviews were performed with people between eighteen and twenty two years-old who were users of a public out patients service specialized in Infectious Diseases. Data from the interviews was analyzed according to the principles of thematic analysis. Six thematic categories were found: study and schooling; labor and employment; sexuality and family building; experiences of prejudice; adherence to treatment and reception at the health service.I Interviewees appointed the whole education ambient as an important way to reach social inclusion, as well as autonomy. They presented their working life as the first source of subsistence and independence. The exercise of their sexuality was marked by HIV, implicating in special care. Regarding conjugality, the interviewees' projects were varied: informal union, legal marriage and life without partner. The projects involving maternity/paternity were strongly influenced by the presence of HIV, which results in many doubts and worries. Interviewees reported the existence of prejudice in various situations. As regarding the adherence to treatment, subjects talked about difficulties and coping mechanisms. Being well received by friends, coworkers and family was considered pivotal to developing and maintaining life projects.

Young Adult; HIV; Outpatient Clinics; Humanization of Assistance

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