Family heirlooms: between genes and affects

Fabiana Aparecida Almeida Lawall Isabella Oliveira Trivellato Larissa Shikasho Maria Stella Tavares Filgueiras Nathália Cristina da Silva Tatiana Rodrigues de Almeida About the authors

It is known that breast cancer is a pathology that affects a considerable number of women and gives rise to many interrogations amongst health professionals . Family history is considered a risk factor and professionals from all health branches point it as a decisive factor in determining multiple aspects related to sickness processes. However, family history is approached in different ways by different professionals, according to the focus that is given. The present article proposes a global view of the family history by taking into account the multiple "heritages" that cross and constitute the subject. From the analysis of instruments as the drawing of human pedigrees and genogram it is observed that, whereas medical cknowledge is engaged in a family history that is previously determined by genetic factors, and consequently, very little accessible to preventive interventions, psychological cknowledge seeks the particularities of subject's family history and the manners through which the subject inserts himself on the relations that compose his history. Doing so, it is possible to give new significations to family history and to open another way that is not to become ill. It is also provided, from that point, a space of discussion where interdisciplinary cknowledges and practices may complement each other in a perspective of integrality in the prevention and the promotion of human health.

Breast Cancer; Family History; Psychosomatic; Psychoanalysis; Medicine; Interdisciplinarity

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