The State-of-the-Art on youth, vulnerabilities, and violence: what do surveys tell us?

Beatriz Akemi Takeiti Monica Villaça Gonçalves Suellen Pataro Alves Santos de Oliveira Tatiane da Silva Elisiario About the authors


Studies on youth at the interface between vulnerabilities and violence already constitute a considerable corpus of knowledge in Brazil and Latin America. This bibliographic review identifies and describes articles published from 2006 to 2018 on youth, vulnerabilities, and violence in the fields of health and humanities and social sciences. The search included articles indexed in the databases: DOAJ, Cengage, Dialnet, Scopus, and Web of Science, all available at the CAPES periodical portal. A total of 192 articles were included: 132 from the health sciences and 60 from the humanities and social sciences. The articles were grouped into two thematic fields: territories of youth vulnerabilities and violence, and risk and protective factors against violence. Our results show the subject of youth and adolescence in the fields of knowledge is still addressed by problematic perspectives. When addressing the interface between youth vulnerabilities and violence, these fields often depict the problems arisen from this subject as an object of failure or anomie in the ways of being and living this stage of life.

Youth; Vulnerability; Violence; State-of-the-Art

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