Profile of the primary health care workers in the municipality of São Paulo: north and central regions of the city

Regina Maria Giffoni Marsiglia About the author

Research conducted by São Paulo's Observatory of Human Resources in Health in 2009. It investigated 87 unidades básicas de saúde (UBS - primary care units) located in the north and central regions of the city of São Paulo. OBJECTIVE: to survey the profile of the UBS workers. The UBS were organized under different models: Health Programs, Family Health and mixed. METHODOLOGY: information about the universe of 4,968 workers was surveyed in the SMSSP (Municipal Health Department of São Paulo) and interviews were conducted with a sample of 621 workers through the ETAC System (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interview). RESULTS: 80.7% of the interviewees were women, but only 56.4% among the physicians; 50.5% were aged 21-40 years and 49.1% were aged 41-60 years; 61.4% were born in the city of São Paulo; a great deal of them presented a higher level of schooling than what was required to perform the functions; in the superior level, 13.9% were physicians; in the middle level, 21.3% were nursing assistants; and in the operational level, 20.7% were ACS (Community Health Agents); 40.1% had been working at the UBS for more than five years, 12.9% for more than 10 years and 6.3% for more than 20 years; 64.7% worked only at the UBS, 46.7% had had a previous experience in the hospital area; 92.3% of those who worked at the Health Programs UBS were statutory civil servants, and 77% of those of the Family Health UBS were hired through Brazil's Labor Laws, by the partner institutions of the SMSSP. CONCLUSIONS: predominance of female workers; process of consolidation and renewal of the quota of workers; the majority was born in the city of São Paulo and had a level of schooling that was higher than what was required for the function; predominance of doctors, nursing assistants and community health agents; outsourced contracts of employment.

Primary Health Care; Organization Models; Human Resources

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