The trajectory of tobacco control in the School of Public Health of the University of São Paulo: report on an experience

Antonio Pedro Mirra Ruth Sandoval Marcondes Isabel Maria Teixeira Bicudo Pereira Glacilda Telles de Menezes Stewien About the authors

The actions of the School of Public Health of the University of São Paulo toward the fight against tobacco use started in 1975, when some faculty members attended the Third World Conference on Smoking and Health in New York, USA. After three decades of a steady work, in 2008, the School received the silver seal from the Health Department of the State of São Paulo because the School of Public Health was a tobacco-free Institution. During this period of 30 years, a constant educational work was developed with teachers, personnel and students. Research studies, training courses and many activities were carried out according to the program presented by the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Cancer. Many Master's theses and Doctorate dissertations were developed by the graduate students, focusing on tobacco use from the educational, social, medical and public health points of view. This article aims to describe this trajectory.

Tobacco Use; Memories of the School of Public Health; Smoking

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