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Conceptions on childbirth humanization in Brazilian theses and dissertations


The article analyzes the conceptions on childbirth humanization within Brazilian theses and dissertations, exposing how such conceptions are linked to the defense of a new assistance model, in opposition to the prevailing practices of modern obstetrics in the country. We have studied four dissertations and seven theses, which were presented from 1997 to 2012, representative of the main research centers on the subject and carried out by researchers with academic and professional trajectory related to the childbirth humanization in Brazil. The analysis describes the different conceptual and enunciative frameworks of theses and dissertations. Specifically, how the expression “humanization,” especially the technical critique grounded on the “evidence-based” movement, has contributed to qualify the critique of the traditional and hegemonic obstetrics model. Among the results, we have listed nine axes that structure the conceptions on humanized childbirth in graduate studies in Brazil.

Humanization of Childbirth; Obstetric Care; Theses and Dissertations

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