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The view on aging, old age and old people that is conveyed by children's books

This qualitative study, descriptive and exploratory, analyzed the view on aging that is conveyed by children's books. Books recommended by the National School Library Program, published between 2003 and 2012, whose plot mentioned aged people and/or old age and/or the aging of human beings were scrutinized. The methodological approach consisted of the selection, acquisition and analysis of these books, using the technique of categorical content analysis by subject. Two major themes and some subcategories were identified: 1) biological aspects of aging (subcategories: senescence "versus" senility; myths concerning elderly people's physical aspects); and 2) psychosocial aspects in old age (subcategories: knowledge and life experience of the elderly; intergenerationality; self-fulfillment in old age; social isolation; myths concerning old age; death in old age). The results can contribute to a better use of children's books in the educational process on the aging subject, not only in terms of citizenship and civility, but also in terms of health education.

Aging; Aged; Children's Literature

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