The national policy for water resources and the national policy for health promotion in the context of public managers training

Zuleica Maria Patrício César Augusto Pompêo Elizabeth Maria Campanella de Siervi About the authors

An exploratory research applying a qualitative and quantitative approach was developed with the objective of checking if there was a close relation between the objectives and guidelines of the National Policy for Water Resources and the National Policy for Health Promotion in 64 monographs produced by the students of two Specialization Courses on Water Resources Management, one held in Santa Catarina (south-east region), the other at the Northeast region of Brazil. The research was developed in three phases focused on the content analysis and in the quantitative analysis of previous phases´ results. Analysis of data shows a close relation between PNPS and PNRH objectives at the monographs, built over three large subjects - sustainability, social participation and intersectorality; research also pointed a lack of studies on water care, particularly from the perspective of preparing managers of water resources. Authors understand that the increase in people´s understanding of the complexity of this subject will strongly contribute for a more effective participation of the whole society in the promotion of healthier policies and global environments.

Public Policies; Education for Public Managers; Water Resources; Health Promotion; Intersectorality

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