Professional transitions in medicine - switching medical specialties1 1 Research related to the author’s Master’s Dissertation at the Department of Preventive Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo and approved by the Ethics Committee (CAAE: 46858015.0.00000.0065).

Flávio José Gosling Patrícia Lacerda Bellodi About the authors


Professional transitions in Medicine are particularly difficult for physicians due to the costs and duration of medical education. This study sought to understand the experiences of physicians who have changed specialties, analyzing motivations and meanings underlying such transition. This is a qualitative study conducted with data collected by interviews with physicians that switched specialties. Our results indicate that excessive workload and lifestyle were the main motivations for change. Regardless of criticism, the physicians interviewed showed great satisfaction with the transition. Switching the medical specialty seems to be a positive individual strategy to deal with dissatisfaction. However, in doing so, one should evaluate the lack of meaning for both the individual and medical practices.

Career Choice; Specialization; Medical Education

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