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Hospitalization by Conditions Sensitive to Primary Care in the state of Ceará, 2010-2014

José Wesley dos Santos Alves Caio Garcia Correia Sá Cavalcanti Raquel Simões Monteiro Alves Priscila Chagas da Costa About the authors


This article aimed to describe the profile of Hospitalizations due to Conditions Sensitive to Primary Care (ICSAP) in the 22 Health Regions of Ceará, through a quantitative and cross-sectional study on hospitalizations between 2010 and 2014. There was a reduction of ICSAP in the regions, except for two. In the majority, the expansion of the coverage of the Family Health Strategy has generated a reduction in the proportion of ICSAP. However, a overwhelming commitment to quality is required, to the consolidation of the regionalization process and to the development of intersectoral actions that impact on other health determinants.

Hospitalization; Unified Health System; Primary Health Care; Regional health planning

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