An experience of georeferencing and mapping use in the process of territorialization in Primary Health Care

Melina Alves de Camargos Fátima Corrêa Oliver About the authors


This article aims to report the experience of using tools that instrumentalize the process of territorialization in Primary Health Care. As methodological resources to guide the insertion and apprehension of problem situations, participant observation and field diary were used. The insertion with Family Health and Primary Care Extended Centers (Nasf-AB) provided the apprehension of the problems, and, with this, it was decided to develop mapping and georeferencing in order to collaborate with the process of territorialization of the unit, visibility of services and populations. The process of territorialization, which goes beyond bureaucratic incidents, has proved to be a challenge for professionals. It was possible to build tools with the Basic Health Unity teams in question, that could be north to other teams and health equipment.

Public health; Primary Health Care; Geographic mapping; Integrality in health

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