Assessment of the coordination attribute in Primary Health Care: application of the PCATool to professionals and users

Maria do Socorro Melo Carneiro Danielle Maria Sousa Melo Juliana Mendes Gomes Francisco José Maia Pinto Marcelo Gurgel Carlos da Silva About the authors

This study aims to assess the coordination of the health system exercised by primary care through the application of the PCATool. It was conducted between August 2010 and May 2012, involving the Family Health Centers in Sobral, Ceará. 98 professionals from the Family Health Strategy and 607 users participated. For the statistical analysis of the data, SPSS 19.0 was used. Professionals are aware of on users seeking specialized services; however, there is deficiency in the counter-reference for primary care. The use of the family medical record was positively assessed. Thus, it is necessary to strengthen communication within the care network, seeking the integration of the system.

Health evaluation; Primary Health Care; Systems integration

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