Viralizing Lygia Clark: breaths to contaminate with enchantment the experience of care

Adriana Rosa Cruz Santos Ruth Silva Torralba Ribeiro Silvana Rocco Ferreira About the authors


This writing is an unfolding of a common investigative path of the authors based on the work of Brazilian artist Lygia Clark, especially concerning the interfaces art-life, clinical art, and political art involved in her works and propositions. We have psychology and dance as professional-existential starting territories and we are interested in the experiences woven through a transdisciplinary plot. In the artist’s centennial year, 2020, we awoke the memory inscribed in the body of Lygia Clark’s trajectory, asking ourselves about the possible contributions of her legacy in contemporary times. We understand that colonial violence, which insists on these time, affects the body, anesthetizing its sensitive dimension and absorbing its creative dimension, and is established through a policy of disenchantment with life. The movement of health production, which Lygia’s path inspires, makes us affirm her path as a possibility of activating the sensitive dimension of the body and restoring the sense of enchantment. By sharing some memories of experiments that were created in contagion with Lygia’s work, we want to create breaths that release meanings to the adventure of living and weave spaces for activating poetic health.

Art; Health; Life; Psychosocial intervention

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