Mental illness on contemporary society: conceptual notes on the theory of social determination of the health-disease process

Vitória Nassar Viapiana Rogério Miranda Gomes Guilherme Souza Cavalcanti de Albuquerque About the authors


This study's goal is to systematize conceptual elements in order to contribute to the analysis of mental illness on contemporary society, from the theory of social determination of the health-disease process, a theory that recognizes the existence of a biopsychic nexus from which are constituted individuals, and which is socially established. We analyze the characteristics of contemporary capitalism, emphasizing the organization of labor, which is teeming with processes that are destructive to health and that generate psychic loads related to the production of suffering and illness. The weariness generated in such process produces an epidemiological profile marked by high rates of mental disorders.

Work; Capitalism; Stress psychological; Mental disorders; Mental health

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