Street approach to people who use psychoactive substances: an experience report

Satila Evely Figuereido de Souza Cleiana Francisca Bezerra Mesquita Fernando Sérgio Pereira de Sousa About the authors


We report the experience of the Street Approach Team of the Psychosocial and Alcohol and Other Drugs Care Center. It is a descriptive study, of experience report, from monthly reports and field journals. We highlight the challenging integration and coexistence of this team in a homeless community living on social exclusion because they are drug users, thus, professionals offer a grounded monitoring in welcoming, listening and bonding. The practices allowed individual actions by working in the 'extramural' context with the subjectivity of each user in the social environment and providing the connection between the care aspects of health and social reality.

Mental health; Substance-related disorders; Health promotion; Social environment

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