Matrix Support in mental health: the perspective of the experts on the work process

Alice Hirdes About the author


The article discusses decentralization in mental health through the Matrix Support in Primary Health Care (PHC). The research had as general objective to investigate the Matrix Support in mental health in PHC from the perspective of the experts, taking into account the guidelines of the Unified Health System (SUS) and the Psychiatric Reform. This is a qualitative research, conducted through semi-structured interviews and a focus group with matrix supporters in mental health. The results show the procedural aspect of joint construction of interventions sustained by co-responsibility and co-management; the organizational and operational arrangements based on supervisory actions, discussion of clinical cases and joint care. Personalized relationships with referral teams, the public health bias of the specialists and the investment in sensitizing general practitioners and experts were identified in the research. It is concluded that the Matrix Support is supported by relational technologies, in the systematicity of meetings and longitudinality, and such issues should be considered in interprofessional care.

Mental health; Primary Health Care; Comprehensive health care; Local strategies; Health management

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