Evaluation of the control of hypertension and diabetes in primary care: perspective of professionals and users

Francidalma Soares Sousa Carvalho Filha Lídya Tolstenko Nogueira Maria Guadalupe Medina About the authors

Research by triangulation of methods aiming to evaluate the Care Reorientation Plan for Hypertension and Diabetes, in the perspective of health professionals and users from Caxias (MA). The professionals were contradictory regarding the positive and negative aspects of the Plan, when mentioning the same items such as medicines and exams, sometimes praising the free access, other times, addressing the constant shortage and the difficulties of access. Regarding the users, 64.1% evaluated the care received as good. It was concluded that important initiatives need to be implemented to improve the Plan, such as the expansion of the variety and amount of drugs and intensification of tracking and monitoring.

Evaluation in health; Primary Health Care; Hypertension; Diabetes mellitus

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