Center day: an option on attendance elder person with intellectual disability

Lisiane Capanema Silva Bonatelli Jordelina Schier Juliana Balbinot Reis Girondi Karina Silveira de Almeida Hammerschmidt Francisco Reis Tristão About the authors


The study aimed to map out services, care services and organization of the Center-Day Service of Parents ‘and Friends’ Associations of the Greater Florianópolis to attend the person involved with intellectual disability. It is a descriptive exploratory research, with thematic analysis and theoretical reference of Feuerstein, performed in 17 associations of the great Florianópolis, Santa Catarina. There was a lack of implementation of legal provisions regarding the disabled and elderly person, pointing out the need to discuss and strengthen public policies in the area of disability and aging, with a view to qualifying care.

Disabled persons; Aging; Senior centers; Geriatric nursing

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