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"We learn": matrix support in family health strategy in an integrated multidisciplinary residency program in an inner city of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Liara Saldanha Brites Teresinha Heck Weiller Daiane Silveira Ana Paula Wilke Françóis Fábio Mello da Rosa Liane Beatriz Righi About the authors

The objective of this study was to identify whether a multidisciplinary residence program in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul contributes to the formation to the Unified Health System using the Matrix Support in Family Health. This is a descriptive study, exploratory, of qualitative approach, characterized as a case study. Data collection was carried out by means of documental analysis and interview applied to 34 professionals and eleven residents. Data treatment was performed by the method of content analysis. The results show that after eighteen months in the Program, the residents felt prepared for the task and identified difficulties such as lack of organizational structure for integration and discussions of cases.

Primary health care; Family health; Health promotion; Public health; Internship, nonmedical

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