Pour comprender la violence: l'hypothèse du sujet

The article aims to develop a theory of violence that is centered on the notion of the subject. The proposed theory does not wish to discard or oppose other possible perspectives, such as those that focus on the rationality of the actor of his frustrations. The point is rather to situate those perspectives withim a more encompassing perspective that runs parallel to them or even subordinates them to the nation of the subject. Privileging the point of view of the subject means fundamentally to explore two ways that frequently cross each other, but that have to be dissociated for the sake of analysis: the first foregrounds the actors of violence, the second its victims. As violence is often a mark of a impeded, forbidden, impossible or unhappy subject, the starting point is a definition of the notion of the subject, of a subject that has also been a victim of violence.

urban violence; sociology of the subject; conflict; construction of meaning; theory of violence

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