Auxílio-reclusão: o instituto mal(mau)dito das políticas sociais com as políticas penais

Luiz Antônio Bogo Chies Rodrigo Azevedo Passos About the authors


Focusing on the analysis of the social security system institute of Imprisonment - paid to the dependent of the insured low-income - and the analysis of the social representations that are built on it, the research faces a dimension of the complex interface between the social and criminal policies. The empirical field used in the research was the virtual environment, collecting data through messages posted on blogs or the like. As theoretical references, it privileged the contemporary perspectives of sociology of punishment and the political economy of punishment, covering instrumental and symbolic aspects of the studied intersections. Its results perceive the peculiar social revulsion concerning imprisonment-relief, which favors appropriations in the legal and political fields which, framed by technicalities and punitive populism, expand the vulnerability of the social achievements.

Imprisonment-relief; prison question; social rights; social representations; sociology of punishment

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