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Joana’s History, or About the (in)explainable invisibility of L of LGBTQIA+: Reflecting from Catolé do Rocha/PB

Martinho Tota About the author


This article is based on the life story and narrative of Joana, a young lesbian woman, born in Catolé do Rocha (Paraíba’s Backlands, Brazil), an activist for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ population. In addition to this thematic axis - through which it was possible to apprehend important aspects not only of Joana’s life with regard to sexuality and gender, but also of other “dissident” subjects in the interior of the Northeast region of Brazil -, the present text presents the issue of lesbian invisibility in socio-anthropological work, social movements and public space as a background or issue. Where are the people who represent (and/ or are represented by) the L of LGBTQIA+? This is the question that runs through this work.

sexuality; gender; lesbian invisibility; LGBTQIA+ movement; life’s story

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