Abortion, sexual abuse and medical control: the Argentinian Supreme Court decision on F., A.L.

Aborto, abuso sexual e controle médico: a decisão da Suprema Corte Argentina sobre F., A.L.

Aborto, abuso sexual y control médico: la decisión de la Corte Suprema de Justicia argentina sobre F., A.L

María Eugenia Monte About the author


In Argentina, during the 2000s but increasingly since 2005 up to 2016, women and feminist´s organizations and lawyers disputed over the abortion juridical regulation at Courts facing conservative resistances. These disputes could be located in a broader process of judicialization of the socio-political conflict over abortion. The Argentinian Supreme Court took a decision over one of these judicial processes on March 13th, 2012, F., A.L. This paper analyses the Argentinian Supreme Court decision on F., A.L. regarding non-punishable abortion boundaries, medical and judicial practices and, specifically, sexual abuse and medical control. It also analyses its material effects on a subsequent struggle and judgment in the province of Córdoba.

Key words:
abortion; feminism; conservatism; judicialization; feminist socio-legal studies

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