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Evaluation of Fillet Welds Mechanical Properties according to NBR 8800-2008 Standard Specifications


It was found that there is no consideration of the tensile or compression stresses applied in the regions of fillet weld when analyzing the ABNT NBR 8800-2008 standard. The calculation for dimensioning the leg only takes into account the section shear. Using resources such as simulation and mechanical traction test, it was possible to compare the minimum dimensions of the legs with that stipulated by the NBR standard. The welding process was carried out with a coated electrode, using structural steel ASTM A36, and the welding was performed using the AWS A5.1 E7018 electrode. Tensile testing were performed on fillet welding samples with lengths between 4 mm and 8 mm. It was used a numerical simulation in traction by the finite element method was used with the aid of the Abaqus® software. Thus, with the data generated through the simulation and the mechanical tensile test, the specifications of the standard can be assured in relation to the minimum leg size in relation to the plate thickness.

Fillet weld; Steel; ABNT NBR 8800-2008; Mechanical properties

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