Implantation of handling programs and plan of environmental administration in small communities

Agostinho Paula Brito Cavalcanti About the author

The present work has for objective the development of a proposal for the implantation of handling programs and plan of environmental administration in small communities, composing a group of resulting procedures of methods and techniques of researches. The handling programs include topics relative production sections, to know: infrastructure energy, road, sanitary and communication; forestry, vegetation, agriculture and livestock; aquaculture; mining, you elaborate and activities inform, cultural, sporting, tourist, recreational services. Regarding the plan of environmental administration, this should promote the urban development and ordainment of the services, including the education sections; health; sanitation; transport; energy and urbanization, besides the actions addressed to the natural potential, including the protection of the patrimony historical, cultural and natural; ecotourism; researches; administration and supervision. As conclusive stage is noticed the lack of a character politics integrated that it guides the rational use and the protection of the natural resources and the not obedience of environmental legislation.

Geography; Management; Environmental management

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