Decentralization of the National Politics of ATER: an experience in the agrarian reform settlements in northwest mineiro - Brazil

Suênia Cibeli Ramos de Almeida Marcelo Nascimento de Oliveira José Humberto Valadares Xavier About the authors

The citizen society participation in formulation, implementation and fiscalization of the public politics was granted to decentralization. The universalization of this process has been reinforcing by way of the technical assistance and rural extension services operates by NGO - Non-governmental organization since the decade 1990. Farms social organization participation has been enlarging after the Rural Extension and Technical Assistance National Politic regulation. This text presents one analyze about the experienced have lived by development agents in agrarian reform settlement in Unaí, Minas Gerais state.

Local development; Decentralization; Technical assistance; Rural extension; Familiar agriculture; Agrarian reform

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