"O Romancista e o Engenho: José Lins do Rego e o regionalismo nordestino dos anos 1920 e 1930", by Mariana Chaguri

Mário Augusto Medeiros da Silva

The book deals with the relations between the aesthetics formalization of the Sugarcane Cycle and the social process of the Brazilian Northeastern regionalism. It analyzes the social trajectory and literary work of José Lins do Rego, seeking to disclose this author's ways of social fulfillment in the intellectual and political circles he participated (especially in Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro) as well as the social conditions of production of his work (his publishers, critiques etc.). Considering his disputes with members of the 1922 modernist movement, intertwined with the political crisis of the 1930s and the formulations of Gilberto Freyre's notions about Region and Nation, Chaguri suggests the analysis of Northeastern Regionalism while part of an aesthetic and political project whose intentions and consequences deserve to be sociologically examined.

Regionalism; Cycle of Sugarcane; José Lins do Rego; Brazilian Social Thought; Sociology of Literature

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