Capacidade combinatória para resistência àmancha branca em linhagens endogâmicas de milho

Paula de Souza Guimarães Maria Elisa Ayres Guidetti Zagatto Paterniani Christina Dudienas Reginaldo Roberto Lüders Paulo Boller Gallo About the authors

Estimates of the general combining abilities (GCA) and specific combining abilities (SCA) of resistance to white leaf spot were obtained in 24 different IAC maize lines, following two partial diallel schemes (Dialelo A and Dialelo B), evaluated in Mococa, north-east region of the São Paulo State, in 2004/2005. The trials followed a randomized blocks design with three replicates and two commercial checks (IAC 8333 and DKB 350). The severity of white leaf spot were evaluated in the lines, in the 36 single cross hybrids results of two partial diallel 6x6 and in the two commercial hybrids. The disease was assessed according to a scale of notes from 1 to 9, corresponding to: 0; 1; 2,5; 5; 10; 25; 50; 75 and + 75% affected leaf area in the adult plant, respectively. There was significant difference (P<0.01) among the hybrids for resistance to white leaf spot, making possible discrimination of hybrids. The lines more resistance were PM518, IP4035 (Dialelo A) and IP398 (Dialelo B), while the hybrids IAC8333, PM 518 x IP4035 and IP701 x IP4035 in the Dialelo A and L8 x IP398, VER266 x IP398 and L161 x IP398 in the Dialelo B, showed more resistances to disease. The diallel analyses showed significant effects (P<0.01) for crosses, GCA in the set I, GCA in the set II, only for Dialelo A and SCA for resistance to white leaf spot. Based on the magnitude of GCA related to the total variation it was concluded that the resistence to white leaf spot is predominantly additive and significant SCA indicated dominance effects as well.

genetic resistance; diallel; severity; combining ability

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