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Cotton genotypes evaluation for resistance to Verticillium dahliae

Cotton genotypes, comprising the main cultivars and some breeding lines available in Brazil, were evaluated under greenhouse conditions for the resistance to Verticillium wilt. In order to establish adequate conditions for resistance expression, experiments examining isolate pathogenicity and the most appropriate inoculum concentration were carried out first. Based on the obtained data, 25 genotypes were then inoculated by the "dipping" method at 10(6) spores/mL inoculum concentration and the plants were evaluated by considering both internal and external disease symptoms. Significant differences in resistance level were observed among the genotypes. Deltaopal, IAC 04/236, IAC 04/259, PR 0136 and Fibermax 966 were more resistant and Coodetec 401, Distak, Coodetec 410 and EPAMIG 0316 more susceptible. Evaluation method was efficient by observing both internal and external symptoms, and the correlation between them was r = + 0,85**.

Verticillium wilt; concentration inoculum; Gossypium hirsutum

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