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Between monsters and victims: the coercion and the socialization within the Socioeducational System of Minas Gerais

This work analyzed the implementation of the Statute of the Children and Adolescents (ECA) and of the National System of Socioeducational Service (Sinase) in two socioeducational centers in Minas Gerais and how these centers deal with the two simultaneous logics in the policy focused on the adolescents in deprivation of liberty: the coercion and the socialization. The research showed the implementation and the articulation between the two logics vary mainly due to the physical structure, the profile of the adolescents and the visions of the front-line bureaucrats about the norms.

Adolescent in conflict with the law; Adolescent in deprivation of liberty; Socioeducatives Centers; Coercion and socialization; Public Policies Implementation

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