Gift theory among groups of users of crack and other drugs1 1 Article extracted from the dissertation 'The anthropological meaning of gifts among groups of users of crack and other drugs', presented to the Postgraduate Program of the Faculty of Nursing of the Universidade Federal de Pelotas(UFPel), in 2013.

Teoría del don y donación entre los grupos de usuarios de crack y otras drogas

Roberta Zaffalon Ferreira Michele Mandagará de Oliveira Luciane Prado Kantorski Valéria Cristina Christello Coimbra Vanda Maria da Rosa Jardim About the authors

This is an excerpt from a dissertation which sought to investigate the meaning of gift theory among groups of users of crack and of other drugs within the scenarios of use. The study has an ethnographic approach; participants were 13 persons who made use of crack and other drugs in the scenarios of use in the Municipality of Pelotas in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and the observations were made in 2013. The results evidenced that the users are victims of prejudice, but maintain the gift in their relationships and seek to help each other and show solidarity as a group. It was possible to share and demystify a highly specific and invisible way of life of the crack users; however, the changes will only begin to appear when more efficacious means of approach are found, with health policies for promoting closeness and links with this population, providing, above all, embracement of their needs, which at many times appeared to be neglected.

Crack cocaine; Drug users; Cultural anthropology

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