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Policontextural health care: philosophical background cuidado

Miguel Ángel Briceño Gil About the author

In Gotthard Günther's (1990-1984) policontextual logic, the primitive dichotomy of the tertium non datar is substituted by poli-contextuality. Policontextual Logic is a logic of many systems, a dissemination of the logic in which the classical logical system (called contextures) is able to interact with each of the systems in question, resulting in a complexity that is structurally different than the sum of its components. However, it does not fall within the category of diffusive logic and offers new formal concepts, such as how multidenial and transjuctional operations. The nature of humanity is sought in the inter-relation, in the interaction, and the interference that makes up and holds the polycentric character of man's science.

Health; Philosophy; Logic; Health services

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