Glycemic profile of persons with Diabetes mellitus in a home blood glucose self-monitoring program

Perfil glicémico de las personas con Diabetes mellitusen un programa de automonitorización de control de la glicemia en casa

Vívian Saraiva Veras Carla Regina de Sousa Teixeira Manoel Antônio dos Santos Maria Teresa da Costa Gonçalves Torquato Flávia Fernanda Luchetti Rodrigues Maria Lúcia Zanetti About the authors

This retrospective study aimed to analyze the blood capillary glucose at home and the number of hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic episodes presented by persons with Diabetes Mellitus, at the start of, and at least six months after beginning to participate in, the Blood Glucose Self-Monitoring Program. A total of 97 service users with diabetes participated, from a municipality in the non-Metropolitan region of the state of São Paulo. Two spreadsheets were used for recording the blood glucose values at the start of the Program and after a minimum of six months. It was observed that there was an improvement in the postprandial blood glucose level (lunch) and in the very early morning (p<0.05). In relation to hypoglycemic episodes, there was a slight improvement in the mean, from 0.75 at the beginning to 0.49 after a minimum of six months' participation in the Program. The reduction of hyperglycemic episodes was, in the beginning, of 27.88% episodes and, at a minimum of six months' participation in the Program, of 29.15% episodes.

Diabetes mellitus; Self-monitoring of blood glucose; Blood glucose; Nursing

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