Providing health care to women with tuberculosis: the family focus perspective

Lenilde Duarte de Sá Ana Rita Bizerra do Nascimento Santos Annelissa Andrade Virgínio de Oliveira Jordana de Almeida Nogueira Lucídia de Medeiros Tavares Tereza Cristina Scatena Villa About the authors

To analyze the relationship between the practice of family health team workers and women with tuberculosis, according to the family focus dimension. The participants were eight family health team workers from a city in the João Pessoa metropolitan area (Paraiba -PB). Data were collected through semi-structured interviews, and then subjected to thematic content analysis. The workers recognize the critical social condition that women with tuberculosis live in, as well as the prejudice they face. They suggest that these women require care based on the concept of comprehensiveness in health. They also highlight the importance of Directly Observed Therapy - Short Course, the existence of incentives, and the women's poor adherence to educational activities and groups. Few workers recognize the inclusion of relatives in the care of women with tuberculosis, which implies the need for discussion regarding this fact with the purpose of improving tuberculosis treatment effectiveness.

Tuberculosis; Women's health; Family health

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