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Knowledge about the family of the teenage father observed through the genogram

The objective was to get to know, through the genogram, the family background described by the teenage parents, subject in this study. The research is qualitative, descriptive, exploratory, with semi-structured interview technique, moment when the genogram was constructed, developed with 41 parents aged between 15 and 19 years old, from December/2008 to November/2009. The selection of the parents was made with postpartum adolescents admitted to a university hospital in Florianópolis-SC. Data were submitted to content analysis. The results show that most of these young parents know little about their family background, having more knowledge about the first generation of their families, unaware about the second and third generations, or at least, not having contact with them. The encouragement of the family is considered essential; they need to be close to the adolescent parent expanding the care condition. These results provide subsidies for the health professionals to take care and intervene together with the adolescent parents

Paternity; Pregnancy in adolescence; Family relations

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