Matrix support, individual therapeutic project and prodution in mental health care1 1 Research related to the dissertation - Projeto terapêutico singular de usuários da atenção básica: resolubilidade, corresponsabilização, autonomia e cuidados, presented to Academic Master's Program in Public Health, Universidade Estadual do Ceará (UECE) in 2012

Apoyo matricial, plan terapéutico singular y producción del cuidado en salud mental

Maria Salete Bessa Jorge Alexandre Melo Diniz Leilson Lira de Lima Jardeliny Corrêa da Penha About the authors

The study aimed to understand how to conform the Support Matrix and Individual Therapeutic Project and its relation with the production of mental health care. This is qualitative research conducted in Fortaleza-CE, Center for Psychosocial Care and Center for Family Health. 17 people participated, between professionals and patients. It was used as for dates collecting semi-structured and systematic observation. The findings were analyzed by narrative analysis, grounded theory by Ricoeur. The results reveal themselves excessive referrals, medical-centered, dependence Health Center to support the specialized care, deficiency of physical space, network disconnection, outsourcing and professional unpreparedness of the Health Center as the production difficulties of care. The Support Matrix and Individual Therapeutic Project therefore happen in everyday services, but with difficulties that affect the organization and production of care.

Health mental; Primary health care; Mental health services

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